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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Skilled Team

Caring, Compassionate, Professional

  • Tamera Cole,
    Medical Director

    At The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch, we believe an open and communicative relationship between you and your veterinarian is essential if your pet is to receive the best possible care. Dr. Tamera Cole has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1990, and has earned the trust and respect of clients, colleagues, and team members. Her experience in many settings in the practice of veterinary medicine gives her a unique perspective on the advantages and limitations of each approach. Her goal at The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch is to give her clients’ pets high-quality care with convenience, confidence, and compassion.

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  • Sherman Stenson
    Practice Manager

    “Pets are both a relationship and a responsibility,” Sherman says. “Don’t get one as home décor or as a fashion accessory.  It’s a living creature whose proper care must be a priority.  If you pull up in a $70,000 car and tell us about your Tahiti vacation, then decline an important vaccine or don’t keep your pet on heartworm preventive, that's irresponsible.”  With a B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering and an MBA, Sherman had a highly-successful career in operations planning and leadership prior to joining the AHSR team.

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  • Stephanie
    Business Development Manager

    Stephanie thinks AHSR is a super fun place to work and wants everyone to know, “We will go above and beyond for our patients and clients!”  She wishes more pet owners knew how important it is to keep their pets on heartworm prevention consistently.  She also has an interest in pet nutrition.

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  • Michelle
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Michelle’s specific areas of interest in veterinary medicine include anesthesia, dentistry, and client communications.  “We only recommend things for your pets that we’d do for our own fur babies,” she says.  She enjoys seeing puppies and kittens grow up, and building connections with pet owners.  Michelle wishes more clients understood that people don’t go into veterinary careers for the money, and that it’s far easier and less costly to prevent diseases than to treat them.

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  • Melissa
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Having seen several other veterinary facilities, Melissa shares the observation, “We are the cleanest hospital I have ever worked at!”  She enjoys paddle boarding with her big, lovable Doberman Pinschers, Apollo and Axel, and has two cats: Ileane (fat and 3-legged) and Phoebe (old and sassy).

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  • Megan
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Megan has a keen interest in the science behind veterinary care, particularly clinical pathology.  She really enjoys helping sick patients recover, and has a soft spot for geriatric chihuahuas.  She emphasizes the importance of consistent heartworm prevention: “I’ve seen too many pets die from [heartworm infections].”

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  • Amy
    Client Care Coordinator

    Amy has cared for farm animals for as long as she can remember.  Now working in companion animal health care, she enjoys “getting to be with animals and watch them grow, helping them with their needs throughout their life.”  She also says, “I have witnessed myself the love and care that our doctor and staff have for each pet.” 

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  • Haley
    Pet Care Assistant

    Thanks to some cousins who are veterinarians, Haley has worked in animal health care for several years and has interests in animal nutrition, behavior, sports medicine, and improving pet breeding practices.  She likes that veterinary medicine uses our highest human faculties to care for the least among us, which is a great expression of love.  She’d like clients to know that out of several clinics and veterinarians for which she’s worked, AHSR has the best facility and best doctor of them all.

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