Payment Options & Pet Insurance

Paying for Your Pet's Health Care
  1. Payment is required when your pet is discharged or products are dispensed. To focus on our patients and minimize costs, we do not invoice for future payment.
  2. We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), checks with proper ID, and cash.
  3. We do not accept CareCredit or similar plans at this time. Here's why: The qualifications for CareCredit are essentially the same as for you to get a credit card; the difference is that the veterinary care provider pays the interest to CareCredit for the first several months, not the pet owner. We prefer to be a health care provider, not a bank, and don't want to increase our prices to cover the interest expense.  We recommend having savings or alternative financial resources to cover unexpected pet health care needs, or to consider pet insurance (see below).

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has become an attractive option to cover pet health care expenses. Most policies exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, so we strongly suggest that you enroll in coverage when you first get your pet, and certainly BEFORE having it examined and diagnosed. When you file a claim with the insurance company, you're giving them permission to request medical records from us.  If a medical problem is already documented, it may not be covered. We will not alter your pet's health record to help you commit insurance fraud, so don't ask. We do not offer or administrate insurance plans or submit claims; that is a contract between you and the provider you choose. However, we are happy support your claim by providing all necessary medical records to the insurer.  To learn more about some of the top-rated available plans so you can make an informed decision, please visit the following pet insurance websites:

Many other companies provide pet insurance, and inclusion or omission here does not indicate endorsement or rejection of any insurer. We may modify this list in the future.

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