Why Buy Veterinary Products From a Veterinarian?

We are often asked to approve prescriptions for distant online or mail order pharmacies, usually for cheaper prices.  Some of these are not authorized by the manufacturers to carry these medications, and some obtain them through diversion by unscrupulous distributors or veterinarians, or from offshore where they may not meet U.S.  standards and may not have been properly stored or shipped.  For that reason, we do not approve faxed, emailed, or telephone prescriptions from distant distributors with whom we don't have a relationship.  We’ll admit it: Our product sales do cover some of the hospital's operating costs so we can keep medical care prices lower.  Our employees need to make a living, and we have to pay our expenses to remain open to serve you and your pets here in the neighborhood.  

If home delivery is something you’re looking for, we also now have an online store run by Vetsource which can provide many products.  For any medication we recommend, we can call in a prescription to a trusted local pharmacy if we don’t stock it.  Or, we can provide a written prescription that you can take in or mail in to the pharmacy of your choice (and at your risk).  

We regularly review and adjust our pricing to remain as competitive as we can, but we can't buy in huge quantities, and we won't buy from questionable sources.  Our key concern is that there are entities online selling fake, expired, spoiled, ineffective, and even dangerous products to unsuspecting pet owners.  Frequent criminal prosecutions for sales of counterfeit veterinary products emphasize the importance of being sure your pet gets genuine medicine.  We hope you value your pet's health as much as we do, and you will feel that peace of mind is worth buying locally.  

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