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Many pet owners assume everything is cheaper online, but that’s not always the case.  Often the product manufacturers offer us veterinary-exclusive discounts, rebates, or other promotions that can lower your costs to near or below the prices of reputable online sources.  If you’re concerned about cost, ask if any special pricing is in effect.  We try to match or beat online prices where we can.  Otherwise, you’ll still have alternatives:  

Local Pharmacies:  If we don’t stock the item you need at AHSR or in our Online Store, or can’t get it in time for your pet, or it’s more economical, we can communicate the prescription to a trusted local pharmacy on your behalf, or give you a written prescription you can take with you.  NOTE:  If you choose not to buy from a local pharmacy with this prescription, you will have to mail it to any distant online or mail order pharmacy.  

Online or Mail Order Pharmacies:  As described in Why Buy Veterinary Products from a Veterinarian, we have serious concerns about the authenticity, quality, storage and shipment history, efficacy, and manufacturer warranty support of products purchased from some sources, so we will not approve prescription requests from distant suppliers with whom we don't have a relationship.  If you do not wish to purchase the product from us at the hospital or via our Online Store, you may request a written prescription to pick up during normal business hours and mail to the supplier of your choice.  That way, the responsibility (and consequences) for the sourcing decision rests with you, the pet owner.  

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